Hey everyone, welcome to Organic Media!

My name is Carl Townsend and this blog contains my practice entries for all things marketing. Ive created this blog so I can start practicing blogging. Content marketing is skill i’m looking to hone so I’m practicing and implementing the new things that i’m learning everyday on this exciting subject. I’m sharing some of the things i’m learning with you guys so hopefully you’ll take some form of value out of it 🙂

I believe that content marketing is a highly valuable skill to have. Blogging is a unique way of connecting with an audience. You can forge emotional connections with blogging that you just can’t through any other means of advertising.

My blog contains ramblings of all things digital marketing. I can post on some fairly random topics sometimes but I d try and keep it in the digital marketing space as this is where my true fascination lies.

Digital marketing has completely changed the way we market products and services now. Companies that fail to keep up with online marketing trends end up going out of business!

It is vitally important for companies to become versatile in this digital age. This is partly why I have taken it upon myself to learn about all things marketing. I want to position myself at the top of the digital marketing mountain because I have a hunger for understanding what drives people to do the things they do.

This ever-expanding digital world never ceases to amaze me and the technology we have access to today is something that is really special. We have the ability to talk to people all over the world, free of charge, to do business with people from literally anywhere. Location is no longer a barrier. I hope you’re as fascinated about this insane digital world as I am!

Enjoy the ramblings of Carl’s Digital Media blog! 🙂