How To Create Compelling Content That Ranks

To create compelling content you need to hone your copywriting skills and understand the psychology of what makes people tick. A good copywriter, creates with a flair that invites social shares and links. A good copywriter also needs to know how to write content that will convert people into subscribers, buyers and raving fans.

Pretty tall order huh?

The copywriter is the cornerstone of any marketing team.

So does SEO still really matter?

Definitely. SEO is still vitally important. Black hate SEO where people employ shady tactics such as blog networks, keyword-stuffing and content farm link building is being wiped out and rightly so. Who wants to have thin crappy content ranking at the top of Google?

Backlinks still form the backbone of rankings in all the major search engines. This won’t change for a very long time so SEO definitely isn’t dead. It’s just that the approach to ranking in Google is now very different to what it was ten or even five years ago.

Here’s what actually works with SEO: 

Creating awesome, valuable content that makes people want to cite and share.

Using the power of social media to gain exposure for that content, which results in natural links from relevant websites in your niche.

Performing clever on-page SEO using the terms that your audience searches for in Google to put you in position for those relevant keywords.

Google loves this approach because it makes the search results awesome. It also pushes companies to provide outstanding content  for their readers, which is a win for all parties that are involved!

Search traffic is by far the most powerful nad here’s the reason why.. it boils down to intent. When people are specifically searching for something in Google, there’s a reason why. They aren’t just randomly clicking on things. The thought space of the prospect really makes all the difference.

People searching for something specific in Google or Bing are in a very different frame of mind to people that are just searching things on Facebook.

A report conducted by a new Forrester revealed that fewer than 1% of transactions could be traced back to social links.

This is absolutely huge. It shows us that people coming from social media don’t have buying intent. When compared to organic traffic from the search engines, there really is no competition. Organic traffic is the holy grail for any content-based online business.

Achieving those first page rankings can be very challenging at first, but once you get there, you’ve basically got free traffic rolling through to your website.

If someone is looking for information about a product or service and your site provides amazing information about that product or service, there is a high chance that the person will purchase that product through you. It’s actually really simple.

Targeted search traffic is the most important element to a successful content marketing campaign.

In our next article, we will learn all about how search engines work, providing you with a better understanding of how they work will enable you to optimise your processes for increased rankings. See you on the next post!