What Is Affiliate Marketing & How Does It Work?

Affiliate marketing is a form of referral marketing where the person gets paid a commission for successfully referring a customer to a business.

We provided a great explanation for affiliate marketing in one of our previous articles but I wanted to go into more detail about what affiliate marketing is and exactly how it works as a business model.

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online today.

Thousands of bloggers use affiliate marketing to generate an income from their blog.

Why Do So Many People Use It?

Affiliate marketing has a number of benefits that make it very attractive to all kinds of people looking to generate an income online:

Flexibility – Affiliate marketing offers a level of flexibility that is almost unmatched by any other type of business. You’re able to promote almost any kind of product or service, meaning you’re able to monetise almost any kind of website.

Location independence – Another great benefit is having the ability to work from anywhere in the world, as long as you have a laptop and internet connection. This kind of freedom isn’t exclusive to affiliate marketing, it’s something that almost any type of online business offers but it is definitely worth mentioning.

No boss – With affiliate marketing, you’re completely in charge of yourself. You won’t have any strict deadlines to meet or annoying bosses nagging on you. This can both be a positive or negative thing, depending on the person. Some people absolutely thrive when they work independently, while others really need that extra push from an authority figure to get the work done. Either way, being your own boss is something that many people want to achieve and affiliate marketing allows this to happen.

No income cap – When it comes to running your own business, especially with affiliate marketing, the income potential is almost unlimited. Your income will depend on a variety of factors including but not limited to what you’re promoting, the commissions they’re paying, the amount of traffic you generate and the amount of work you actually put into it. There are affiliates out there earnings six figures a month while some struggle to make a few hundred dollars extra a month.

What Is An Affiliate Program?

An affiliate marketing program is the thing you join if you want to promote a particular product or service. For example, if you wanted to promote Amazon products, you’ll have to join the Amazon Associates affiliate program. In a nutshell, it’s the thing that companies setup that allows them to take on affiliates and develop a framework and structure around how they work with marketers.

Why Isn’t Everyone Doing This?

The same reason most people don’t follow their dreams. People are too scared of failure or too stuck in a scarcity mindset.

People think that everything is a scam and that they’re going to get ripped off by everyone who’s actually genuinely trying to help them.

There are those who dabble in things like affiliate marketing but most people end up spreading themselves way too thin but trying to master too many things at the same time.

Another things people lack is the right system and training platform. People tend to find bits and pieces of training from different parts of the internet and then try to piece it all together. Not only is this much more difficult but you can come across conflicting advice from people who don’t really know what they’re talking about.

So there are a number of reasons people don’t start affiliate marketing (or any other kind of business) but it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t!

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